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buckby2In the scheme of things Taylor's Yard is a recent development.

Canals in the late 1700 and early 1800's were being developed at a great rate and the Yard area was part of the Inland Port of Chester adjacent to the area known as Tower Wharf. This wharf was the confluence of the Chester Canal and the River Dee. Various basins were formed and it became a major terminal for both cargo and passengers travelling to and from Liverpool. Later the Ellesmere Canal was constructed re-enforcing the canals' viability.

The founding canal companies merged in 1845 and became the Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Company. At this point the current Yard was established servcing the needs of the canal company by providing a Blacksmith's Shop, Sawmill, Offices, a Dry Dock and Slipways. Followed in the later 1800s by a Travelling Crane, Flat Shed, Carpenter's & Painter's Shop and a canopy for the Dry Dock.


In 1921 the Shropshire Union Canal Company finished canal carrying and it was taken over by the London & North Western Railway a year later. Then in 1926 J.H. Taylor leased the slipways and dry dock and by the 1930s had taken over all buildings that is now known as Taylor's Boatyard. This boat building business continued well into the 1970s.

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